X-Men Phoenix:  From the books of the Askani


Well I hate to tell you this but everything that happened in these comics, never did.  The only ones that may remember anything that happened in that timeline would be Cable and Blaquesmith.  

This timeline would have existed if Apocalypse was successful in harnessing near absolute power by bringing together 12 mutants with specific powers appropriately named, "The Twelve."  

However, because of one man, this never came to pass.  That man was Rachel Summers' father, Cyclops.  He sacrificed himself to save Nate Grey and the world from the evil that Apocalypse would have brought to it.

So now that Apocalypse failed in his goal to dominate the world with the power that would have been his, the timeline where Rachel became Mother Askani and Cable grew up does not exist anymore.

Anyway, what happened in these comics was that Rachel arrives in that timeline after being lost in the timestream for 2000 years.  She sees how bad the world has become because of Apocalypse and decides that she's going to stop him.  Along the way people join her in her crusade and they eventually become the Clan Askani.

A follower of Apocalypse named Nero finds out about Rachel's power and wants to steal it for herself.  She has the power to steel the powers of other beings.  In the end, Rachel kinda does what she did before with Necrom.  She says, "You want it so bad, then here, take it all.  The power is much more than Nero can handle and Rachel commands the power to leave Nero and go back to the stars.  So then nobody has the power of Phoenix.

And now some eloquent thoughts on what I think about this series:  It sucked.  Number one, I couldn't even recognize Rachel.  What was this artist looking at for a basis to draw her?  Second, the story just seemed weak.  They could have put all 3 into one issue.  

Someone may disaggree with me but I simply didn't like the series.  That didn't even seem to be the same Rachel.  I'm glad that it's invalid now.