Timothy's Trip


One day, a young thin dark-haired teenage boy who had always been kind of a loner had just come home from the comic store and ran straight to his room to start reading the latest on his favorite Marvel heroes. He enjoyed this time alone because it was like an escape from reality.  It seemed no one ever liked him and he was always getting picked on.  He had always felt like an outsider.  When he read his comics however, all his problems seemed to be a million miles away.  No one else was home yet so he knew that nobody would be bothering him. "Which one should I read first?" he thought. "I'll read the Uncanny X-men first cause I love the new changes going on there and can't wait to learn more about these new villains" he decided. He finished that one and then picked up Cable, his next favorite book. He was excited by the fact that Rachel Summers was returning in Cable's book and was hoping to see one of his favorite characters finally make a long awaited come back.  

He started reading and got to the third page when suddenly he heard a voice, very faintly at first, but it sounded like someone calling out for help. He ignored this at first and just thought that he was tired and hearing things. He continued reading and he suddenly heard that voice again but this time it seemed a little louder. Now he was getting nervous. "Is somebody else in the house?" he wondered. He got up from his bed and felt a wicked headache coming on when he heard once again and very loudly this time, "HELP ME!"

The next thing he knew, everything went black yet he was still conscious. "Where am I?" he blurted out, "What's happening?"  Trying to see something, anything in this blackness he could finally made out a figure in the distance. He couldn't tell if it was male or female or what but he had the distinct feeling that this was the source of the cry for help. He yelled, "Who are you?  Where am I and how did I get here?" The figure seemed to start to move toward him and he didn't know whether to try to run or to just wait and pray that nothing bad happens to him in this weird dark place. "Don't be afraid" he kept telling himself but he was shaking like a leaf.

As the figure got closer he heard the voice again but this time he realized it was inside his mind saying, "I need your help Timothy." "Who are you," he replied, "and how am I supposed to help you? I don't even know where I am. And how the heck do you know my name?" He could now see that this was a woman and quite a beautiful young woman at that. He started to calm down as he felt that she meant him no harm. "I've been trapped here for a long time Timothy and have been trying to find my way out when I suddenly sensed your presence.  I was hoping that I could guide you here and thankfully it worked"

"What do you mean you sensed my presence?" he responded. "What is this place and how do I get out of here? And who are you?"

"With your help Tim, I think we can both get out of here togeth..."  Suddenly, it seemed like a hurricane hit them.  Tim didn't know what to do so he tried to squat down to anchor himself.  His companion in the darkness didn't even have time to react as she was hurled away in the "wind".  "Hey", screamed Timothy, "Don't leave me!"  

The young woman cried out, "Concentrate on going home and you'll soon be there...I still need you to help me Tim so I'm going to try to find you again!"  "Who are you?!", Timothy shouted.  She shouted back but her voice sounded distant, "My name is..."  But she never got to complete the sentence as she was whisked away out of sight.

"Lady!  Come back!!!"  Timothy screamed at the top of his lungs.   "I want to go home!"  A sharp pain once again pierced his brain and when he opened his eyes and found himself in the middle of his living room...home.

"Oh, my gosh", he thought, "Was that real?  My head is killing me.  I can't believe what just happened.  Nobody is going to believe me."  He got some aspirin from the kitchen and went back to his room when he heard his Mom coming home.  He didn't want to worry her so he jumped on his bed and picked up the Cable comic he was in the middle of reading so she wouldn't think anything strange was going on.

"Hi Tim", said his mother, "how was your day?"

"Oh the same as always Mom," he replied.  " I just have a headache and yes I already took some aspirin."

"I don't know why you won't let me bring you to the doctor," she said, "It could be something simple like a food allergy or something."

"Mom, there is nothing wrong with me," he retorted.  "It's just a headache...it will go away.  I'm not the first kid to get a headache you know.  I'm fine.  There is nothing wrong with me."

"Ok, ok," she replied back, "have it your way.  I just don't understand why it started happening the minute you seemed to hit puberty."

"Mom!" he shouted.

"Alright already!  You are as short-tempered as your father was." she said.

"Don't worry about me ok Mom." Tim said.  "I'll be ok.  Maybe it's just growing pains like some people say.  Whatever it is...it's no big deal.  It's not that bad."  With that he closed the door to his room.  

Up until today the headaches hadn't been that bad, this much was true, but when he had this "vision" it was worse than ever before.  He started to worry about it.  Was he going crazy?  Does he have a brain tumor or something?  These thoughts all ran through his head when all of a sudden he thought he heard the whisper of his name.

"Mom?", he said, "are you calling me?"