A emotionless cosmic force of the universe now in a body and mind filled with conflicting and powerful human emotions.

The corruption started off slowly but gradually increased.  How does one deal with all these different "feelings" never having had them before?  What will happen upon exploring each one?  Only way to know is to ride the wave.

Yes the Phoenix had the body and mind of Jean Grey but Jean never had all this power.  A part of human nature is temptation amd curiousity.  Can the Phoenix be tempted?

Oh yes it can.  Such power was never intended to be granted to a human being.  It was intoxicating, thrilling even.  

Where is the line drawn between the will of Jean Grey and the will of this cosmic force using an exact duplicate of her body?  Is this what the real Jean would want and do...we don't know.

Her friends believing her to be the actual Jean Grey they've known all along began to worry...and fear.  What is happening to her? Where did all this power come from?


Other forces also exerted their influence on the Phoenix.  Forces bent on evil and the domination of "lesser" beings. She became seduced by this new set of emotions introduced to her human experience.

The same fire that could warm and comfort could also burn and destroy.  The Phoenix had once saved the universe.  Now will it seek to destroy that which it had labored so hard to save?

Destruction followed.  An entire planet and it's population destroyed in an instant...and without remorse.  Too much power.  Where is the sense of right and wrong that is a part of Jean Grey? 

Finally, the Phoenix comes to her senses but fears to lose control once again.  There is only one answer.  Return to it's natural state.  Destroy this body and return the life force stolen from it's helpless giver.  What would her friends say?   It doesn't matter, their very lives are at stake.

What of her love, or rather the love of the real Jean Grey?  He will be heartbroken.  He will not understand.  It cannot be helped.  The destruction must come to an end or even he could be in danger.  The ending will be swift.

Thus the Phoenix saga ends.

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